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Water Filters

One common replacement part is the water filter in your refrigerator. While it's handy to be able to drink fresh, cold filtered water directly from your fridge, to keep that water tasting great, it's important you replace the filter frequently. How regularly you change the filter depends on how much you use the water and ice dispenser in your appliances. Most manufacturers suggest replacing filters every six months. One way to tell if your filter is due for a change is if your water or ice isn't tasting quite as pure as it used to.

Filter Installation

Whether you have a twist-on filter or a push-in filter, changing a refrigerator filter is quick and easy. Make sure you source the exact brand and model originally used in your refrigerator, as many are designed to only fit certain types of filters. Ensure you follow the instructions to flush the new filter once installed. Most fridges use carbon filters filled with black carbon granules. After you install a new filter, the water that flows through may have some black specks or an overall grey colour. While it's not harmful to consume, you'll probably prefer to drink a glass of water, or use ice cubes, that are free from any black bits.


It's also important to keep all your appliances sparkling clean. You can pick up cleaners that are designed specifically for your brand of washing machine, dishwasher or cooktop. Some models have additional parts and accessories such as dryer racks, hoses for washing machines, or trim kits for built-in fridges. You may also need replacement parts for one of your appliances. Reach out to us directly and we will help you find the parts or accessories you need.